Alifiya, an IT professional, entered my clinic with a complaint of severe pain in throat and wanted a respite ASAP. I calmed her down and began the conversation by taking her history. Here’s how our conversation proceeded.

Dr Nidhi: Have you eaten anything spicy or junk food or are you allergic to anything?

Alifiya: Yes, I’m allergic to dust and few food items such as milk and pineapple. Do you think it’s because of the allergy? I am really having a hard time dealing with it. Due to the pain, dryness, and irritation in my throat, I’m not able to swallow food.

Although at first it looked like an allergy, after a thorough examination I diagnosed that it was pharyngitis. This condition is quite common since winters are here and sitting in an AC environment does aggravate dryness in the throat. Besides giving her Homeopathic sweet pills I told her to use some home remedies as well to get a faster recovery.

Here are the things that I suggested her that are really effective in the case of pharyngitis.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar in warm water with honey

Mix one spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water, add some honey and drink it once a day on an empty stomach to give a protective layer to your throat. ACV works magical due to its anti-bacterial anti-fungal and anti-viral properties in this weather.

2. Salt Water


salt water for gargling

Gargling with hot or warm salt water is one of the first things that the elders suggest for the soreness and are right to do so. Salt water can help in treating your sore throat and kill the pharyngitis causing bacteria. Mix one tea spoon of salt or sea salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with this solution three times in a day.

3. Honey


honey in warm water, star anise

One of the most trusted remedies for pharyngitis, honey works better for upper respiratory infections compared to other over-the-counter medicines. Mix a teaspoon of honey in warm water, add some lemon pinch of star anise powder and drink it slowly. Keep drinking this throughout the day till your condition improves.

4. Turmeric


turmeric in milk

Turmeric being a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory doctor from our kitchen can be used with milk at bedtime for a quick recovery. The Golden latte, as the world calls it, works magically on throat problems.

5. Garlic

garlic oil in water

The active compound allicin in Garlic makes it work like an antibiotic. You can mix garlic oil in water and gargle for instant relief. You can also make tea with garlic, cinnamon and pepper. Consume fresh garlic pieces like a cough drop and crush the garlic between your teeth to release its allicin for best results.

Alifiya was very happy to know that all these prescriptions can be made and consumed in the comfort of her home.

Alifiya: Thank you doctor, I already feel better and I am trying all of it the moment I reach home. This is great!

Dr Nidhi: Wonderful! But all these things would work if you follow a small set of instructions. They are as follows.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. Chicken soup can also offer relief to a sore throat.
2. Make sure you drink water several times in a day to stay hydrated. You can drink warm water for some relief.
3. Avoid smoking and tobacco products. Also, ensure you’re not passive smoking.
4. Try to get ample of rest to recover quickly.
5. You can also drink chamomile tea and peppermint tea for better healing.

Alifiya: I will follow the instructions like a ritual doctor.

Dr Nidhi: (Chuckles) Very well.

Alifiya did follow all the instructions and got well very soon. The holistic health care has always aimed at a natural way of healing. Hence when you choose integrated healthcare in Pune over medicines, you can find relief for a long-term without any side-effects.

I hope this blog was helpful for you.
Stay Fit Stay Happy!

Word of Caution – Usage of home remedies is not generalized! Please consult a doctor or nutritionist for consuming any of the above.