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About Dr. Nidhi

Dr. Nidhi an award-winning doctor, wellness coach, and a holistic healer who wants to build a healthier nation, one patient at a time. With over 50,000 happy and healthy satisfied clients, she is often called the miracle worker! Her dedication towards a medicine free holistically healed lifestyle is unparalleled. She will imbibe the same never give up mantra in you which she follows herself.

So no matter what you  are struggling with, take the first step towards healing yourself and you will realize life is so much more beautiful and joyful!

Dr. Nidhi Agarwal

Your Healing Companion

Don’t let the stress of everyday struggles and the pain of health issues slow you down. If you want to live your life to the fullest, Dr. Nidhi is the perfect holistic physician for you. For more than a decade, she has been successful in her mission to make patients use their own immune system to combat various health issues. Her counselling has also supported thousands of patients to lead a happier life and build stronger relationships in their personal and professional lives.

From homeopathy to access bar healing, wellness workshops to lifestyle management, she offers a holistic approach towards giving you a happy state of mind and a healthy body. Her assurance of minimum medicines and maximum home remedies ensures long-term well-being for everyone. With Dr. Nidhi, you would not just heal your body, but also your mind, soul, and spirit.

“Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being”

For Your Health

Preventive Care For Your Health
It’s time to take preventive measures to preserve the health and well-being of your loved ones. Your health is an investment, not an expense. Take good care of your eating habits, exercise routine, and sleep patterns to protect your health and well-being for a fit and fabulous future.


Holistic Healing With Genuine Care


Dr. Nidhi has over a decade of experience in treating patients with the right homeopathic medicines. From little ones to seniors, her treatments work exceptionally work on all age groups without any side effects. With a focus on holistic healing, she goes to the root of the problem and helps you emerge healthier and happier through homeopathy treatments. She has been changing healthcare and changing lives without medicines. Book your appointment today!


Dr. Nidhi helps you in building better mental health, which isn’t just about the absence of mental health problems, but also being emotionally healthy and fit with the presence of positive characteristics.


Shifting to a healthier and fitter lifestyle can transform your life in many ways. We’ve all come to accept the importance of a healthy body during this time. Working towards a healthier future is the need of the hour.


When you want to add quality to your life and feel great with abundant energy and healing, you’ve come to the right place. With a personalized holistic wellness program.


Body composition analysis

Our latest body composition analysis machine helps with the analysis of body fat, muscle mass & determine water composition. It helps to analyze basal metabolic rate which helps to suggest the right diet for an individual.

Skin Analysis

Using our highly advanced skin analysis machine, we’re able to determine how healthy your skin is and what are the areas that need improvement. Accordingly, we can recommend homeopathy or other natural treatments for healthy glowing skin.

Hair Analysis

Facing trouble with hair fall? Our hair analysis technology can find the root cause of your problem and Dr. Nidhi will then recommend the best treatments for your hair troubles.


Electrocardiogram (ECG) helps to check the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. The sensors detect the electrical signals from your heart every time it beats. This can offer guidance on your physical health and Dr. Nidhi can then guide you on your fitness regime and relieve your ailments with homeopathic medicine.


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Trouble Sleeping? Natural Remedies for a Sound Sleep

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Beat the Heat with Natural Treat

A summer vacation calls for a lot of fun activities such as biking, swimming, road trips, beaches and many more. However, it also calls for an extra care for your body. Our bodies are made of 55 – 60% of water. The water regulates the body temperature, facilitates...

"Dr. Nidhi has helped my daughter and my mother-in-law with her exceptional homeopathy medicines. As a family, we don’t use allopathic at all and trust PHCC since the last 3 years. Thank you for all your support and amazing home remedies!"

– Neeta Kaul

"After a personal setback, I was having some trouble getting back to my work and was facing confidence issues, too. After some intense counselling sessions with Dr. Nidhi, I feel much better and more confident. I’m able to be productive at my job, focus on what I’m doing and have a vision for the future, too."

– Natasha Date

“We asked Dr. Nidhi to conduct a workshop in our college after hearing a lot of positive reviews about her work. The workshop was a great success and our students learnt a lot about simple health tips, diet, nutrition, mental health, and more. We will surely recommend her workshops to educational institutions across the country.”

– Mrs. Seema Rao

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