Heal within with Dr. Nidhi

Dr. Nidhi can help you tackle the common problems of modern and hectic lifestyles with multiple treatments. Her expertise in energy healing, access bar therapy, angel symbols healing, ancestral karma cleanse healing, Bach flower therapy and more gives her the incredible ability to foresee the best treatment, physical or psychological, for her patients.

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By reducing the intake of medicines, she ensures long-term healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Heal Your Soul

Energy Healing
Energy healing restores the balance and energy flow throughout your mind, body, and soul. It works directly with the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well-being. Dr. Nidhi is a certified healer who uses different healing techniques to treat patients and help them fix the energy flow in the body. The results are lower stress levels, clear emotions, balanced moods, cleansing toxins, and enhanced organ function.
Angel Symbols Healing

This type of healing comes directly from the angels and thus, is considered extremely pure. Angelic energy connects the healer to the Angelic Kingdom of Light. There is a soul reconnection and you can notice different sensations during the session. Post the healing, you will feel more relaxed, at ease, and like a burden has been lifted.

Ancestral Karmic Healing
Dr. Nidhi can help you make contact with your ancestors and heal hereditary traits and characteristics that may have compromised your emotional, mental or physical health.
Bach Flower Therapy

Bach flower therapy focuses on the emotions and healing negative emotions can help heal the body in many ways. This therapy includes 38 remedies wherein each one addresses a particular negative emotion. These can include fear, sadness, despair, loneliness, uncertainty, oversensitivity to influences, lack of interest, etc. At the end of the therapy, it influences emotional well-being.

Access bar Therapy

Unlock creativity, calmness, and confidence with Access Bar Therapy. Dr. Nidhi’s gentle touch on the brain activates 32 points and releases energy that holds the limiting thoughts in the place where they occur. As a result, you feel the change in your perspective towards life within a few sessions. You are also more energetic, have better clarity in your thoughts and enjoy a calm and quiet mind.

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