A healthy and happy mind is the key to a healthy you!

Dr. Nidhi’s treatments include counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, transactional analysis, relationship counseling, and more. After you do these sessions with Dr. Nidhi, you can look forward to a sense of contentment, the ability to cope with stress and overcome challenges, and recover from life’s setbacks with confidence.

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Balance Your Mind

A one-to-one counselling session with Dr. Nidhi can help you deal with emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Enhance your relationships, grow your career, or simply be the best version of yourself with Dr. Nidhi’s counselling session. You can expect dramatic improvements in all aspects of your life and enjoy better self-esteem and self-acceptance, too.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a short-term talk therapy wherein Dr. Nidhi works with you to identity the thoughts and negative emotions holding you back. It focuses on identifying, challenging, and replacing the automatic negative thoughts that impact your behaviour with objective and realistic thoughts. It helps you build coping skills for the present and future.
Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis Therapy offers modern psychology to promote personal growth and positive change. Dr. Nidhi helps you develop problem-solving behaviours along with day-to-day tools for constructive communication and better interactions. Increase your self-awareness and personal reflection with this therapy.
Relationship Counseling
Explore the bigger picture of your relationship with a certified counsellor and resolve conflicts and improve intimacy. With a counselling session, you get a safe space to explore the patterns of your behavior, both individual and as a couple, and get ideas and tips to be more conscious of your actions and decisions. When we talk through our problems, we can improve our lives and our relationships.

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