Dr. Nidhi Agarwal, reviving vitality through her centre has combined professional excellence with great communication skills. In a short span she has put lot of endeavours to heal people holistically. Not only she extended her centre within one year through her consistent practice but also benefitted the people who cant afford costly treatments through charitable medical services.

In 1999,she started her medical career from Bharti Vidyapeeth Pune. Then her yearn for knowledge took long way for eduactional qualifications one after another. Today she is a well qualified doctor with knowledge of all medical fields and has a foresight to treat an individual holistically. Her scientific and professional approach towards patients and a challenging attitude towards the disease gives her the path to success undoubtedly.

Her Vision for homeopathy - Besides excellent medical skills she has a passion for books which eventually is helping her to launch her first book on homeopathy by the end of this year so as to guide the upcoming students about the art of homeopathy. Earlier homeopathy was a small plant with less recognition but in today's generation it has been accepted worldwide as a fruitful tree. What is required by a practitioner is patience and perseverance and an attitude to accept the challenges and the patients should have faith on the mode of treatment and its efficacy.

About PHCC - Today not only India but from all over the world people visit Prakash Holistic Health Care to experience the benefits of homeopathic treatment and are being healed in personal or through online consultation. Her patients include not only Ministers but also top industrialists, defence officers, administrative faculty and much more.The basic aim of PHCC being prevention of disease is applied in practice also by letting people face challenge to change oneself and introduce healthy lifestyle measures.

Objective of PHCC - Most people give up too early;their fears are bigger than their faith,so to make their patients life simpler the motto of PHCC is Reviving Vitality Holistically. At this health care centre besides the homeopathic skills a person is also given the tips for lifestyle changes through diet,yoga,accupressure and physiotherapy techniques. And people who require counselling for physical,mental and social issues are being given the courage to fight their flaws and live a healthy and happy life and then go out into this beautiful world of God and shine -" the price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret".

As a Counsellor - Dr. Nidhi is also designated as student and parents counsellor from IMA and on a daily basis she serves them through her positive approach towards life and instill within them the focus of getting happiness through small steps in day to day life. She always stress upon the cause of suffering and by innovative means gives the path to resolve it.

She always takes into consideration patient satisfaction and strive for excellence in all her endeavours. According to her every challenge is nothing more than a chance to make things better,so she is constantly daring for the best in her practice so as to what others call impossible she can turn it into probability.


Homeopathy is one of the leading alternative form of medicine used effectively in today's generation.its main advantages are -
  • Safest form of treatment with no side effects.
  • Enhances Health rather than diminishes illness.
  • Effective Even in Chronic Diseases.
  • Act as Preventive therapy by enhancing the immune system.
  • Individualistic approach in every case and cure by removing the cause of the disease.
  • Aimed at Wellbeing rather than Simple Absence of Diseases.
  • Homeopathic medicines are cost effective and easy to use.


  • Well qualified doctors available round the clock either in person or on call.
  • Feasible to the pocket of every status.
  • Well equipped centre with latest technology machines being used :

    - Body Composition Analyzer which gives the detail info about your Body Mass, fat ,muscles, bone density and attainable weight.

    - E.C.G with latest Trim Series which gives you high quality interpretive graph.

    - Skin And Hair Dermascope which magnifies the deepest layers and provide you instant pictures of your scalp and skin.

  • German Homeopathic medicines are given with their efficacy in every case.
  • Knowledge of diet and exercise is instilled in every patient so as to prevent the disease and stress is always on maintaing a healthy life style.
  • Calm environment and soothing ambience.

Homeopathy is a holistic treatment in which a person is considered as an individual and treatment is based on physical,mental and social well being.At PHCC,we deal with every disease and provide with the best services to every individual with our motto being Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

With the help of individualization and keen observation we have increased the immunity in children also so that they can cope up easily with the changing weather conditions and other allergic pathologies. After treating around 1000 cases in a short span of one and a half year,we have specialized in the following sectors-


body compostion analysis
Body Composition Analysis
This analyser is fast to use and capture data to do instant trend analysis allowing less time-consuming paperwork and more consultation time. Gives printout for: Weight, BMI, BMR, Fat %, Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, Total Body Water, Desirable Body Fat % Ranges.
Skin and hair analysis
Skin and Hair Analysis
It is a Video inspection device that is able to visualize body surface, skin, hair and scalp with magnification and illumination. Able to analyze skin or hair problems and helpful in selcting suitable treatments or products based on reports.
Preventive Health Checkup
PHCC has one main objective i.e.Prevention of diseases rather than carrying the disease in one self.So,it is highly acclaimed to our patients at various age groups that they should opt for health screenings time to time.For their betterment we have various packages.